DVD - Joseph Campbell: Mythos I

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280 Min. auf 2 DVDs präsentiert von Joseph Campbell 'The material of myth is the material of our... mehr
Produktinformationen "DVD - Joseph Campbell: Mythos I"
280 Min. auf 2 DVDs präsentiert von Joseph Campbell
'The material of myth is the material of our life, the material of our body, and the material of our environment. A living, vital mythology deals with these.' - Joseph Campbell During the final years of his life, Joseph Campbell embarked on a lecture tour in which he drew together all that he had learned about what he called the 'one great story' of humanity. These remarkable lectures were filmed and are presented here in the order and manner in which Campbell himself intended, with enhanced images and in minimally-edited form. As seen on PBS.

The Programs
1. Psyche and Symbol -- The psychological impulse for and response to myth.

2. The Spirit Land -- How myths awakened American Indians to the mystery of life.

3. On Being Human -- The emergence of myth in early hunter-gatherer societies.

4. From Goddess to God -- The gradual shift from the Goddess to male, warlike deities.

5. The Mystical Life -- Non-biblical mythic strains hat helped shape the Western spirit.

Special Features: never-released Q&A footage and biographical material

Presented and Hosted by Academy Award® - Winner SUSAN SARANDON
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